Accumulated Sales revenue report and Period closing

Hi ,

Currently the IO system in our company is being used to generate Sales Order / Sales revenue , Inventory recording and for collection purposes.

Since the system is being used for above purposes right now , the recorded sales revenue is increasing since sales transactions from the past and up to the present are being added up .

May we know if we can hide the accumulated Sales revenue from the screen when we open or use the system ?

In Accounting , there is a closing period being done and by doing this only the current year Sales revenue can be seen when you generate the income statement report. Can you guide us on how to do this using the IO Manager.

Appreciate your immediate feedback on this.


In the summary screen select the “Edit” button and set the period to your current period.


Thank you for your response.

My another query is, how can we hide the batch total inside the Sales Invoice report…

OR - how can we show the bacth total of SALES Invoice for the current year only say 2022 only ??

Appreciate immediate feedback on this. Thanks

What are you calling the “batch total?” There is nothing by that name in Manager. The term batch refers to a specific type of operation.

Further, your additional question seems to be the same as your first one.