Accounting query. Old investments maturing in current financial year

@Brucanna @Tut

Hi again.

Situation is, I started using Manager in the year 2016. But, now some of my investments in fixed deposit/ mutual fund is getting matured which was invested 3 to 5 years back. This is an income which was earned 3 to 5 years back (Prior using Manager). So, if the investment gets matured and credited into my account, it will be shown as income in current year. So, how should I manage such entries?
For example: Rs. 100 earned and invested in fixed deposit in the year 2013. Now, maturity amount is Rs. 100.00 (Principle amount) + Rs. 10.00 (Interest Received) = Rs. 110.00 (Received in current year).

What I feel is, Rs. 100.00 earned, then invested (Posted to fixed deposit/ mutual fund account), then matured and credited back to my bank account. This completes the cycle. But for that I should have old transaction details with me and I am not having it.

Instead of uploading old bank statements & identifying the transaction then posting to the respective fixed deposit account, is there any other proper way to manage entries?

Have you been paid the interest for prior years or are you receiving all the interest this year ?

If the amount received is 110 then the Cash Accounts - Cash Received is:
BS - Term Deposits 100
P&L - Interest Income 10

No. I haven’t been paid yet. Will be paid soon in coming months.
But what I am expecting is, that my balance sheet should display all the investments that I hold till today.