Account Receivable Out Standing Amt

Is there any option which shows the outstanding amount of a customer in current invoice, Eg If a customer pays RS 100 in advance and current Inv amt Rs 80 Rest Amt is Rs 20. And when another invoice us generated for Rs 200, 20 is adjusted and rest amt is Rs 180.

But If customer pays Rs 80 Instead of Rs 100 and bal amt due is Rs 20, when next Inv is generated it is not being shown. Is there any option for this,

At present we have to send buyer statement to reconsile

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In general, amounts received and posted to Accounts receivable and the customer’s subaccount, but not allocated to a specific sales invoice, will automatically be applied to open sales invoices (oldest due date first) or future sales invoices, reducing the balance due.

the balance due shown in the invoice is only of the current invoice. the total outstanding dues of a customer will not show on the invoice.

is there any option to add the balance due in the current inv

at present, no.