Account Receivable Balance in 4 Decimal Places


Hope someone can advise how come the accounts receivable balance of one of our customer is showing in 4 decimal places.


What edition (Server, Cloud, Desktop) and version are you using?

When you drill down on the Accounts receivable amount, are all of amounts shown in 4 decimals or only some?

How is your base currency defined?

We are on cloud version. All values when drilling down on the accounts receivable amount are in two decimal places.

Base currency is defined in PHP and 2 decimal places

Hi Guys. Hope you can share your inputs.


Show screenshots of your base currency settings and foreign currency settings if any. Also show an edit screen of your Date & Number Format settings.


Please see attached


I was able to figure out why there are 4 decimal places. There were invoices that had witholding tax amounts that have 4 decimal places. Is there a way to validate the withholding tax amount to just 2 decimal place?