Ability to re-categorize bank transfer entries in bulk+export multiple fields

Sometimes I make a small mistake (e.g. GST vs no GST) during categorization of a bunch of entries and I am unable to go back and re-categorize or change the field for multiple items at a time. One can only do this painstakingly one by one using the “edit” function. Would appreciate if we can go back and re-categorize or change any of the fields of the entries in bulk, just like how we can do it with fresh uncategorized entries.

Furthermore I hope we can implement the ability to export the transfer with fields that we select/customise, e.g. GST and account fields. We are really missing those two important fields for book-keeping purposes.

I’m currently working on new bulk-categorization workflow and might include ability to “recategorize” too.

What do you mean by exporting transfers with fields?

What I meant was whether we can choose the individual fields (e.g. GST/account/category) for inclusion for export from the transfers worksheet. This will greatly aid book keeping as the resulting excel spreadsheet can then be sorted according the the particular field. Currently we don’t have a choice in the number of fields we can export from the transfer worksheet screen, we cannot choose to export also the GST status or category status.

Hope you know what i mean.