Ability to clear payments posted with Journal Entries

Hello, I trust you are well
Kindly I wish to request that you might activate under the payment and receipt where one can clear an outstanding balance passed as a journal entry example

The opening balance was posted at the start of the financial year, see below for your reference

I kindly request that you can enable a way one may clear a payment as the above example post using a journal entry
The current situation, when i wish to clear the balance, it clears the invoice or bill posted instead of the opening balance

I look forward to hearing from you


Did you read the 4 guides about Starting balances? It seems you are not using the steps explained in the guides.

See this guide to understand how starting balances is designed to be used https://www.manager.io/guides/7227

Manager is a continuous accounting package. It is not designed to be restarted each year. See this guide to understand end of financial year processing https://www.manager.io/guides/7470

Yes, I have used the guide, the guide talks more about the credit balance or debit balance and not the opening balance.

For opening balance, you have to recarry the balance from the previous year, and the only way you can post transactions from the previous year for customer and supplier is by use of Journal entries there is no other way

Services from a prior year require entering an invoice for those services as described in the linked guide.

Clearly you haven’t read the guides. Go to the guides page. In the search box just type “starting balances” it will show you a list of all the starting balances guides. There are starting balances guide for Inventory, Customers, suppliers, and other general ledger accounts.

You must capture the outstanding balances with invoices dated before your start date. The balance will be carried forward as a payable and therefore can be cleared with a payment, or receipt in the case of a customer. If the supplier has a debit balance. Use the “Supplier credit” field for the supplier.