A question about TAX

Hello i had a question about taxes. I work with 2 bookkeeping programs, but i don’t like the other program and going completely to manager. But now i have a problem. I ilve in the Netherlands and every quatrter of the year we have to do a TAX declaration to the instance in the Netherlands. So i made the declaration in manager, but there is a little difference between the other program i used. At point 1d there stands nothing and in the old program i used there was a amount of money set in 1d. My question is how can i put a amount of money in the form at position 1d?? How do i have to manage this in manager so the program show the amount i want in that place. I have put a screenshot to show you what i mean.

THNX in advance



I am sure our Netherlands expert @Hennie will be able to assist you here.

Hope he can help me with this!

I can help you with this, but because it is a typical Dutch VAT question, I will answer your question with a private message.