2 - Year Old Reports

We are trying to run a “Summary” report for 2016. When we run the report all area’s have “0” in the data fields. Are we not able to run reports from 2-3 years prior. Is this data stored if so, how long? Please advise as we are needing to make some adjustments on our tax information. Thank you.

Set it to older date,


if the start date, are 2018, set it to older, like 2015


Yes, I set it to 1/1/2016 - 1/31/2016. All reports have no numbers. Only zeros.

read the guide. what I meant is start date. of accounting period


One thing that may be is: We changed computers and I believe the data may be on the other computer. I have had the data hard drive data transferred to our new computer. How can I import that data w/o replacing the current data?


Zip or archive the current data you’re working on as backup. just in case.

Copy the data from old computer at default data location to pendrive.

Open manager, and set the data location to the pendrive data folder.

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Awesome!! It worked. I saw what you meant. The overall accounting date, not the reporting date. I changed it and ran a report and the 2016 numbers came out on the report! Thank you so much. I have recommended this software to sooooo many people. LOL

oh. your welcome.

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