[17.9.0] Added 3 new tabs in relation to bank & cash accounts

Apologies for not being clear. In answer to your questions:

I was using invoices and payment receipts as reference numbers. So what has happened since the update, manager is using those references to automatically produce new reference numbers when l enter cash transactions. Hence the long number is from a previous payment receipt number plus one.

I have found a solution to the problem. Thank you for your assistance.

I totally agree with you. New alignment does not seem to be step forward in terms of convenience. Now there are five tabs under one single Bank/cash process, when it used to be one (after some time two). Other software package I use, have one entity for cash/bank operations (open, close, re/allocate, pay in, out, transfer), other for sales (customer, order, estimate, invoice), third for purchases (vendor, purchase order, credit, pur.invoice, payment). In this way three tabs cover 90% of daily operations, so for Manager probably there must be some technical limitations why there are so many tabs needed.

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I would be interested in hearing about this solution.

The only thing I can think of to visibly distinguish between an automatically generated number and one I’ve manually typed in, is to set at least one transaction with a very high number (e.g. 1,000,000 if my previous highest identifier was 6 digits in length) … and then anything over 1,000,000 is auto-generated … and anything below that is a reference I’ve manually typed in.

That is exactly what l had to do. Before the automated reference in cash transactions, l was using invoice / receipt references. When l updated the system it started using the reference with the most digits to auto-generate the reference numbers as l was advised by Tut. So l had to locate the reference number and check for the highest digit references and start from there. No any easy process l must admit (done manually). However, it’s now complete. No l am using eight figure auto generated reference numbers.

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I think this is by far the worst ‘improvement’ to the program. I can’t make heads or tails of it when I am attempting to balance my bank accounts, because now I am constantly needing to flip screens to make sure that the transactions have been captured. :frowning:

can you please elaborate on the difficulties you are facing if any?
the changes implemented will only help improve and add features in the future.
a vessel can only hold so much, swap to a bigger vessel and the capacity is further increased.

My problem is that I do the reconcilation manually and when everything was in one place I could access all the information and I could check that each transaction had been captured. Now If I want to see the balance I need to exit where I am to go to the ‘bank accounts’ tab, if I need to see which transaction has been captured I need to go to the ‘bank transactions’ tab, and even so the transactions from all the accounts are there, so there is a need to sift through a whole bunch of transactions before I can get the information I need.

@Sabrina_Moya_Cuerden I’m still not sure I understand the problem. The only thing which I can think of and which could affect you is that when you are reviewing transactions under Bank Accounts tab, there aren’t buttons to create new transactions. Am I getting it right?

That is the problem. I used to work from the bank account tab. Now I can’t.there isn’t a running balance in the transactions. And all the transactions from the different accounts are mixed up. Makes it a royal pain in the butt to try and reconcile manually

@Sabrina_Moya_Cuerden when viewing transactions under Bank Accounts tab within statement column. There are no buttons now but it’s temporary. The buttons will be re-introduced in there as well.

When in the Bank Accounts tab, click on the Statement Balance figure for the required bank account and you will get a transaction listing for just that account with a running balance.

I think the problem is one that when entering transactions you cannot see a running balance as you go along without exiting and re-entering the transaction screen. I agree this is a problem for me too as we manually reconcile and a pain to have to keep jumping in and out of screens, either a running balance on transaction entry screens (ideal and as it was before) or the ability to have more than one screen open at the same time (using desktop edition).

THANK YOU FOR THE INPUT! @Glider you are expressing (probably better) my argument!

But that requires going in and out of screens. It was perfect before, why did you break the thing!?

I would highly welcome this change!

Previously I was doing reconciliation manually. I hadn’t done it for a while, and just tried to do it then. I used the built-in reconciliation function instead and it worked for what I needed, just was a little unfamiliar.

If you were to add the buttons back when viewing transactions for a given bank account, that would make the manual reconciliation process as easy as it used to be, whilst still having multiple separate tabs.

TL:DR; I can work with the new way of doing things, but if the older way is going to be possible as well, that’s an added bonus.

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There are benefits to the new way of doing things as well.

It sounds like there will be a solution that will work for you in the near future, if you scroll up to the post from @lubos.

Then I will be happy.
Apologies for sounding like a b**** the whole day today - I’m so overwhelmed (I run a ‘one-man operation’) when anything makes me have to work harder I just want to get a bottle of vodka and drown in it.

@ShaneAU @Sabrina_Moya_Cuerden the latest version (17.9.81) shows the buttons when drilling-down to transaction lists within Bank Accounts or Cash Accounts tab.

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Thanks lubos. @Glider also indicated interest in this so I’ll tag him.

Thank you very much @lubos - all good! Makes it easy to use again :smiley: