[16.8.67] Added compact mode for users with smaller screens

Manager has never taken consideration for users with smaller screens or screens with lower resolutions. This meant many users had to suffer horizontal scroll bar in certain parts of the program.

The latest version supports compact mode by turning left navigation from this:

to this:

This means labels in the left navigation can be hidden so they don’t take up valuable horizontal screen estate on smaller screens.

You can easily toggle between two modes by clicking on the image in bottom-left corner of the program.


Very nice, @Lubos! Thank you for this excellent usability enhancement.

I have two suggestions for minor tweaks to Compact Mode that would make it perfect:

  1. Tooltips, since the meaning of most of the icons is not intuitively obvious.

  2. The button itself takes up horizontal real-estate, adding somewhat to the problem it’s meant to solve! Move the button somewhere that doesn’t add to the horizontal space (e.g., the top menu bar next to the Back button, or in the header box with the business name at the top of the left navigation bar), and make the left (and right) margin narrower, especially in Compact Mode.

This edition has solved my problem. Thanks Lubos.

Thank you @lubos I will try this out and see if this fixes the issue for me.

I will concur with @Jon on both points. I think that the pictures are reasonably intuitive upon looking at them, but a tooltip would save time clicking on each one to get the correct tab.

On my resolution 1280*1024 all that is happening is that I am getting a bit more space, but I still have to scroll.

Could we not move the LHS to where the company name is, so have the menu horizontal as there is loads of space up top and could the item column have a max width please as that is taking up a lot of space. Thanks

And that move will save only about 25 pixels. But your fields require another 300px to actually fit in.

In your case, the main issue here is very long item column.

Yes thats why I requested to have the item column have a max width as the column is way too long. If that could be shortened to a max width then the screen would never overun.

Thanks for new update. i was waiting for this.

It will be more user friendly If user can customize the menu position in their priority. I am using some menus more frequently and some very rarely. I can select menu easily if i could arrange position of these menus where ever I want.


We’ve had a few discussions on this forum in the past year about horizontal scrolling. The collapsible LHS menu was one idea, and we have that now and it helps but does not totally get of scrolling, particularly on the Sales Invoice entry form. Adjustable or suppressible columns was another idea, which came up related to the Customer ledger table, which has some columns like Email address that can sometimes be wide enough to push more-important columns off the right side of the screen.

Another possibility is relative column width on the Sales Invoice instead of absolute width. The problem with this is depending on the overall width of the screen, a column that is, say, 5% width might become too narrow to see what it contains.

Robert, you might try zooming out a bit and see if that makes it any better for you. That’s what I do for the Sales Invoice screen, and now in combination with collapsing the LHS menu, the size I need to avoid scrolling is actually quite reasonable.

Looking at my picture above, its very clear that the problem in that diagram is that the item column expands to the length of the text put in and that column is really long - it does not wrap the text onto several lines. The content in the item column could easily wrap to say three lines there I only suggested moving the LHS to another area not to fix this specific display problem but more to alleviate the general strain on the space requirements horizontally as the space next to the company name is completely wasted space.

@Lubos: Heads up, the is showing up on printed invoices now:

Good point. Fixed in the latest version (16.8.76)

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It looks really great to me on my laptop but screen tips would also be handy.


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This has only recently become a problem for me on the Sales Invoice screen. I’m using a macbook pro 13". Hiding the left navigation pane works - but until recently I didn’t need to do this. It’s not that there is too much information across the screen - it just needs the right hand edge of the window to move back in line with the screen.

If this works, do you still have a problem?

Was this change related to beginning to use tax codes or adding item codes to inventory or non-inventory items? Either would add more fields across a line. Or perhaps you updated from an old version of the program that did not include so much information?

If there is not too much information, can’t you resize and/or move the window?

  1. Only from the point of you that I have to guess/try to remember which icon refers to which item;
  2. I’m not exactly sure when it started and i updated today expecting the problem to go away, which it didn’t. It could have been related to use of tax codes;
  3. Yes, but I have to do it every single time I open Sales invoices, which is quite irritating, especially as this wasn’t an issue before.

Yeah, but you can switch back and forth without affecting the rest of the display.[quote=“ProDev, post:18, topic:6738”]
I have to do it every single time I open Sales invoices, which is quite irritating, especially as this wasn’t an issue before.

Since you don’t know what your “before” condition was, I really can’t comment. But the more features you invoke, the more fields are likely to be displayed for every line item. While scrolling can be irritating, that’s nothing like the confusion that would ensue from wrapping line items to fit your screen.

This is the down side of choosing a computer with such a small screen. And it’s why they manufacturer great big monitors.